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Your Web Template Resource - Template Hunter
Template Resources

Template Hunter is your resource for finding top quality free templates and webmaster resources for you to use.

What is a Web Site Template?

A web site template is a pre-made website with essentially no content. This makes it easy for you to have a professionally designed website at a much lower cost. All you need to customize your template is photo editing software like Photoshop, and any HTML editor like Dreamweaver, Golive, or even Notepad. Many web template retailers will even customize them for you for a fee.

Pro Web Templates Flash Templates

Pro web templates are worth the price. No need to link back to the creator when you buy a Pro web template

Flash templates make it easy for you to add great animation to your site.

Webmaster Directory Template Blog

Here are sites that have a variety of webmaster resources to help you design a better site.

Template Hunter has created this blog to help others and provide information about templates and other webmaster subjects. Find free template downloads, webmaster feeds, search engine optimization feeds, and more.
Enter the Template Blog

Software Video Tutorials
Learn how to use the software needed to edit your free web templates. Get tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and more. View our Software Video Tutorials now!
Starting a Business Blog

When you start to put a Business Blog together, there is one aspect which is often overlooked in the excitement (yes, excitement!) of creating your new blog. This is the planning phase - a critical element which you need to spend time on before diving in and writing your first post.

Five Ways to Develop Content For Your Business Blog

You can find lots of information on the Internet about how to create a blog. There are recommendations about which tool to use and how to design something that's reader-friendly. But what happens once your blog is constructed? The cold blank page stares back at you on a daily basis.

How To Choose Right Web Site Template
Web Design

With the popularity of one-click web publishing, the Internet has never been the same. Even individuals who lack technical background can make professional-looking web pages in no time. Thanks to web templates, you can forget about the hard part of web designing.

Joomla Website Builder
Web Design

Joomla is a very powerful web site design software tool. This program is an open source code, so there is no charge for acquiring and using the software. Now that, you must admit, is a tremendous deal. You will surely agree after you take some time and review Joomla.

Are Website Builders Worth It
Web Design

Oceans of time, energy, and effort can be expended designing and building a website by hand. And after all of that, it still may not look good. For beginners especially, building a website can be a tricky task. Not only does it require functional design knowledge (if you want it to look acceptable), but it also may require knowledge of HTML and other semi-esoteric topics. Programs like Dreamweaver and FrontPage assist somewhat in the design and implementation process, however, these programs are more like canvases with great tools, rather than a "paint by numbers." For beginners, and even professionals looking to save time, website building programs are a beneficial element in designing a top-notch site.

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