Determining Home Page

Determining Home Page Header Layout that Works Out for the Best Website Design

A homepage header may not be the first thing to pop in your mind when talking about designing an effective website. But it turns out that it is exactly the most crucial decision to take when it comes to this subject. However, choosing a layout of the home page header for your website is a decision that is fully influenced by the type of business you are running. A home page header is something that a visitor would encounter the first thing when they come on a website, located toward the top section of a home page. Most website templates out there come with a design of home page header. These designs incorporate elements such as videos, slideshows, or still images. Your task now is to find which one of these implements that works the best way for your website. Impressive as they may be, these features are not meant to be picked based on how they impress you only. Rather, you should choose one that really helps your website deliver what visitors truly seek for upon going on website. Suffice to say, the choice you take should be something based on strategy rather than design.
A home page header is your website’s name tag. It is its façade, the one thing that contributes to a visitor deciding to stay on the website or not. Let’s try to put yourself in others’ shoes; would you stay for a prolonged time on a website whose home page header does not really give you any reasons to? A header, therefore, carries a big responsibility to anchor people to stay around for some minutes longer, if not hours. And, mind you, you would not believe what difference a minute can bring when it comes to persuading people.
A header of still images (without any content) is perfect for websites containing photographs as their primary marketing tool (e.g. restaurants, hotels, portfolios). If you still can’t decide whether to use this design or not, ask this to yourself: Can your website be understood without it relying too much on texts? A header of still images with content is quite a safe option to take pretty much for all kind of businesses. Such content to be included with the image can range from a headline to a paragraph of text or from a call to action to a supporting image, or all of them combined in proportion.

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