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Social media is a way to share your opinion, knowledge, information, photos, and so many others in a simple way where everybody is connected. But before the age of social media, people wrote and tell their opinions and everything on blogs. Blogs are one of the easiest way to share everything you want, without character limits and some of them are highly customizable via HTML. This article will tell you some free blogs with good templates. Without any preferences, this is the list of free blogs with good templates:

Wordpress does offer premium features, however the free version itself is incredible. The themes and templates that was offered in the free version is awesome compared to other blogs. Being free, WordPress will show ads in your blog, which is probably a turn-off for some people. Based on blogbasics.com, WordPress have the most plugins and widgets which is made by the developer and the communities. Its highly recommended for anyone for any kind of content. Many bettors from the agen judi bola like the platform.

Googles platform for blogging. If youve been on the internet, chances are youve been visiting a blogger website at least once, and chances are, you already made one on blogger! The Blogger platform is older than WordPress and, sadly, it have the fewest themes and plugins among all blogging platforms. But it is also one of the earliest platform for blogging that is free after Google owned it. The ease of access and freedom from payment is the very reason to use this platform.

Weebly Platform

Tumblr have different approach to blogging, most of the Tumblr blogs will be filled with pictures and mostly moving gifs. The ease of access and ultimately unique form of approach to blogging is attracting most of bloggers that doesnt like to write 2000-words entry. The comments section is also unique where everyone comments is posted below every posts with a different but effective way. When you read your tumblr dashboard, it will show other posts made by other people in pages or the ever scrolling page, depending on the users setting. This different approach has made lots of artist, photograper, and any other multimedia creators prefer Tumblr over any other blogging platform. The desktop version also have quite selection of themes which is ever-increasing because the contribution from the community.

Weebly is a website builder for blogging. And best of all, its free. If you dont have any web design experience, Weebly is your easiest and cheapest (free) way to do it. By utilizing drag and drop elements in your website, you can make a good web design easily without knowing how to code in HTML. This platform is great for those who want to try web designing, while it can be used for blogging, there are lots of eCommerce and online stores made in the Weebly platform.

And those are some platforms for blogging that is easy to use and most importantly, free! While there are some which are freemiums and your blogs will be injected by some advertisement, their platform is still among those with great qualities but with no price. With no doubt, gamblers playing poker online like using the platforms.

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