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Full-width vs. Boxed-width: The Fight for the Best Content Width Begins

Determining the correct website template with the perfect content width becomes the most important part in your search for the right way to design a website. Basically, your options are reduced to two selections: full-width or boxed-width. The former is perfect for a website boasting contemporary and creative designs while the latter seems to be cut out for one with designs that are oriented more toward business and traditional in sense. Let’s take a look at them one by one.
Full-width is identified by a background image that stretches along with the width of the computer screen edge to edge. The design leaves a visitor with an impression that it has no boundaries. Full-width is perhaps the most popular type of website layout. It pairs very well with templates that are of mobile responsive variety as well as websites heavy on graphic. To choose a full-with layout for your website content means that you can fit a lot more tabs in the menu bar as well. However, some people would think that this layout is pretty annoying. The reason behind this is the fact that the background image adjusts automatically to fit a computer screen. As such, the positioning of the content would shift depending on the resolution of the screen that a user uses. Also, especially when used a design of responsive nature, this layout would lead to changes in the orientation and alignment of the content, based on the browser or device used in viewing the website.
Boxed-width layout is characterized by a frame that borders to the left and the right of the screen, giving an appearance of being in a box. This layout has a business feel to it and a professional look. The content of the website would remain fixed with this layout. Content display and positions would largely be where they are no matter what web browser or device used to view the website. Visitors would also be spared from having to deal with visual challenges when using whatever they want. The content of your website will be the same regardless of the monitor size and resolutions. This, obviously, is a mere rule of thumb. You can mix and match things up; use a boxed-width layout for creative website or use a full-width layout for a business-oriented website. If you still think it is too risky to mix things up, just stick with the rule of thumb mentioned above and you should be safe.

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