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The Important Role Logo’s Position Plays in Making Your Website Look Professional

We have all heard it: Logo is an important part of a business. It is a calling card for every business entity ever created. It is the identity that a business owner uses to stand tall among competitions and to communicate better with their loyal customers. In today’s business climate, the presence of a logo becomes more than just a fancy way of telling people (customers or not) about what a business is all about. It becomes a tool to establish brand awareness. Running a business is somewhat different from developing a brand. A brand involves things beyond the transactional points. It transcends supply and demand. It is an experience, something that involves customers, clients, and everybody else to develop a brand. A website such as therefore, merges from something that is merely devoted to build a bridge of communication between the business and people out there to something that incorporates this brand-building. It is not uncommon to see a website bearing a business logo. It is, however, a rare gem to see a logo placed on a website in a position that truly delivers impact. You might argue that it is only a logo and that it could go anywhere on the website. But there is more than meet the eyes.
The way you position your business logo says so many things about which direction you want your business goes toward. Needless to say, random placement of a logo is sloppy way to handle this matter and your website will be left without any characters whatsoever. There are two ways you can do this. You can place the logo and the menu bar on the same level. If you choose to go this way, your website will give off impressions that it is designed more to promote a product (or a service). The logo could be either on the same level as the menu bar or within the menu bar. Due to this, its size is relatively limited, depending on the size of the menu bar.
You can also choose the second way of positioning the logo: Right at the center of the page with the menu bar placed either above or below it. This logo placement emphasizes on brand identity. As the logo is not restricted in size, you can choose something so big it practically occupies the entire page and the website visitors can easily pay attention to it.

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